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IASE content is currently preparing to migrate to the DoD Cyber Exchange.
Please see for updates to PKI/E content until the DoD Cyber Exchange goes live.

​About IASE

IASE 101

The Information Assurance Support Environment (IASE) provides one-stop access to Cybersecurity information, policy, guidance and training for cybersecurity professionals throughout the DoD. Some portions of the site are also available to the remainder of the Federal Government and the general public. These resources are provided to enable the user to comply with rules, regulations, best practices and federal laws. DISA is mandated to support and sustain the IASE as directed by DoDI 8500.01 and DODD 8140.01.

IASE History

The IASE was implemented in May 1997 on Non-Secure Internet Protocol Router NETwork (NIPRNet) to provide a wide range of Information Assurance services, and in October 1997 it was expanded to the Secret Internet Protocol Router NETwork (SIPRNet) and Releasable (REL) network to authorized DoD foreign coalition partners.

The "IASE Family of Portals" consists of:

  • IASE Public, which is accessible to all Internet users,
  • IASE NIPR, which requires Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) credentials for access to NIPRNet,
  • IASE SIPR, which requires a SIPRNet token for access.

IASE REL was decommissioned March 2018 to achieve mission and resource efficiencies; FVEY partners have access to relevant cybersecurity guidance via IASE SIPR.

IASE Who's Who

The IASE is supported by a team of government and contractor staff in the Cyber Directorate at DISA. The IASE web team is charged with Operations Management, Content Management and Web Master Functions, Environment Development and Network Engineering.

The site's content is provided by various Cybersecurity subject matter area content owners, across the DoD through a change request and approval process coordinated and managed by the IASE web team. The IASE team is always looking for opportunities to grow and evolve the content offerings; if your federal government organization would like to join the IASE as a content owner, please contact the HelpDesk:

What's New

The IASE celebrated its 20th anniversaries in May 2017 and October 2017, and announced plans to modernized IASE Public, IASE NIPR and IASE SIPR to enhance the user interface and user experience; the “new look and feel” is expected Fall 2018! Learn more about IASE​.​

What is (PII) Personally Identifiable Information and why is it important to protect PII. Launch training to find out.
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