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The IASE portal will be undergoing maintenance on Saturday, 20 October 2018 from 00:00:00 to 12:00:00 EST. Some areas may be unavailable during that time. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Cyber Awareness Month 2018
Cyber Awareness Month 2018 In support of National Cyber Security Month which aims to raise awareness about the importance of cyber security, IASE will feature several relevant topics throughout the month. This week, Five Ways to be Cyber Secure at Work.
Cyber Awareness Month Archives
Wearable and Mobile GPS-Enabled Devices
Wearable and Mobile GPS-Enabled Devices Mobile device tracking can geoposition you, display your location, record location history, and activate by default. Avoid compromise and tracking of sensitive locations. Think OPSEC!
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Cyber Awareness Challenge 2018
Cyber Awareness Challenge 2018 is now available. This training replaces the previous Cyber Awareness Challenge version 4.0 dated October 2016. Training certificates are now downloaded, rather than requiring a printer.
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Important Announcements
Content Announcement
DISA requests the DoD Community to collaborate with DISA and provide feedback on its prototype STIG automation content for common configuration management solutions.

The content is available for download from the STIG Collaboration project on Software Forge. Feedback may be provided via Software Forge.

In general, these solutions are intended for ongoing configuration enforcement, but can also be used for compliance checking. There is no mandate to use this content; it derives from and supplements published STIG and SCAP content. Your feedback will improve the development of configuration management solutions. Contribute to STIG collaboration on Software Forge! *PKI
[posted September 20, 2018]
Content Announcement
DISA has released its first Software Defined Enterprise Standard centered on Application Programming Interface (API)
More information can be found here.
[posted August 1, 2018]
Content Announcement
DISA has released updates to the SRG/STIG Library Compilations
These updates include the latest quarterly SRG/STIG update and newly released SRGs and STIGs published since the last quartely update.
Available at:
[posted June 20, 2018]
Content Announcement
New STIG Viewer Video has Just Been Released
Can be found at
[posted June 18, 2018]
Content Announcement
New Content Added: Mobile Device Usage:
Do this/Not That Poster

Avaiable for download here.
[posted June 5, 2018]
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