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DoD CIO Documents

 DoD CIO Cloud Memo


Updated Guidance on the Acquisition and Use of Commercial Cloud Computing Services) clarifies and updates DoD guidance when acquiring commercial cloud services, and hereby cancels and replaces references (a) and (b). In the context of this memo, commercial cloud services also refer to cloud services provided by Non- DoD federal government organizations.

DoD CIO Cloud Memo



 DoD Cloud Way Forward


In light of current fiscal realities, the DoD CIO is examining the use of commercial cloud computing as a cost savings measure for the Department of Defense. To that end, a 45 day study was commissioned to examine the balance between risks to the Department across the wide spectrum of computing needs and the costs of traditional security measures. The result of that study, "The DoD Cloud Way Forward," is available for download here.

DoD Cloud Way Forward



 DoD CIO Cloud Industry Day


On January 29, 2015, the DoD CIO hosted the DoD CIO Cloud Industry Day at the Department of Commerce Auditorium.  The event,  a first in a series of Cloud Industry Days that the DoD CIO plans to host, was intended to foster continuous, open, constructive dialogue that can positively shape how the Department approaches the business of IT and cybersecurity.  The day included plenary and panel sessions examining the cradle-to-grave process for cloud service providers and users/customers, as well as new constructs to identify the appropriate security for the use of commercial cloud computing.  More information can be found in the videos below:

DoD CIO Cloud Day Mr. Halvorsen Opening Keynote (159 MB WMV)

DoD CIO Cloud Day Featured Keynote Speaker (200 MB WMV)

DoD CIO Cloud Day Cloud Security Requirements (271 MB WMV)

DoD CIO Cloud Day Cloud Sec Deep Dive (303 MB WMV)

DoD CIO Cloud Day Fireside Chat (343 MB WMV)

DoD CIO Cloud Day Cloud Open Mic (305 MB WMV)

DoD CIO Cloud Day Closing Keynote (130 MB WMV)