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Please see for updates to PKI/E content until the DoD Cyber Exchange goes live.

Enterprise Connection Important Announcements

You're invited! Join the Enterprise Connection Division for an Enterprise Connections Training + Q&A session, covering topics in Connection Approval, Defense IA/Security Accreditation Working Group (DSAWG), and Ports, Protocols, and Services Management (PPSM). An Enterprise Connection Division overview will be provided followed by an open Q&A session with subject matter experts in the Enterprise Connection Division. Additional information about the Mission Partner Training Program CBTs and live training + Q&A sessions is below, and on our website.

- NIPR/SIPR/DSN Topology Requirements- Tuesday, 9 DEC 0900 & 1300 EST
- Cross Domain Solutions 101/CDS Connection Approval Phases-Tuesday, 16 DEC 0900 & 1300 EST
- NIPR/SIPR/DSN Topology Requirements- Tuesday, 6 JAN 0900 & 1300 EST
- PPSM Overview/Registry- Wednesday, 7 JAN 0900 & 1300 EST
- Cross Domain Solutions 101/CDS Connection Approval Phases-Tuesday, 20 JAN 0900 & 1300 EST
- Plans of Actions and Milestones- Tuesday, 27 JAN 0900 & 1300 EST
- PPSM Overview/Registry- Wednesday, 28 JAN 0900 & 1300 EST

1. Please watch the relevant CBTs prior to the Q&A sessions:
2. Join a Training + Q&A session to ask our Enterprise Connections SMEs any questions you may have:
- DCO:
- Commercial Teleconference: 301-909-7350 - Access Code: 3472040
- DSN Teleconference: 312-723-7350 - Access Code: 3472040
*All audio will occur on teleconference.

The complete schedule is published on our website. Enterprise Connection Division SMEs from multiple service areas will be available to answer your specific questions that may arise after watching the CBTs.

Dedicated Q&A sessions are held after the release of new training products, to provide additional detail and answer any specific questions. Open Q&A - All Topics sessions provide an opportunity to ask questions on any of the published trainings related to Connection Approval, DSAWG, or PPSM.

The objective is to provide training and education opportunities for mission partners in all areas associated with Enterprise Connections such as PPSM, DSAWG, and Connection Approval. By providing 24/7 user-accessible computer-based training and DCO-hosted Q&A sessions on the training topics, NSC is providing mission partners the policy and process information they need in order to reduce/eliminate processing delays caused by inaccurate/incomplete information.

- NIPR/SIPR Topology Requirements
- DSN Topology Requirements
- Cross Domain Solutions (CDS) 101
- CDS Connection Approval
- SIPRNet GIAP System User Guide
- Defense IA/Security Accreditation Working Group (DSAWG) 101
- Ports, Protocols, and Services Management (PPSM) Overview
- PPSM Registry
- Systems/Network Approval Process (SNAP) 101
- DSAWG Briefing Standard
- Plan of Actions and Milestones (POA&M)
- PPSM Network Boundaries

Regarding the Mission Partner Training Program:

Regarding the Enterprise Connection Division Services: