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Please see for updates to PKI/E content until the DoD Cyber Exchange goes live.

Enterprise Connections

Enabling Our Mission Partners

NSC Partner Graphic NSC Division brochure

The DISN is the DOD consolidated worldwide enterprise-level telecommunications infrastructure that provides end-to-end information transfer network for supporting military operations. The enterprise-level networks are provided by DISA. For the most part, it is transparent to the joint force. The DISN facilitates the management of information resources, and is responsive to national security, as well as DOD needs. It provides Department of Defense Information Network (DODIN) services to DOD installations and deployed forces. Those services include voice, data, and video, as well as enterprise services such as directories and messaging. DOD policy mandates the use of the DISN for wide area and metropolitan networks.

The Risk Adjudication and Connection Division consists of the Connection Approval Office, Defense Security/Cybersecurity Authorization Working Group (DSAWG),  and the Ports, Protocols, and Services Management (PPSM). Together the branches approve secure interoperable connections in support of the warfighter and mission partners for applications, information systems, and networks authorized to operate on the enterprise infrastructure. Read more in our brochure.


Connection Process Guide

Use the integrated DISN CPG content on our website, or download the most recent copy of the DISN CPG document to ensure you are following correct procedures. The integrated content and downloadable versions will always contain the exact same content. Additionally, you can download the DISN CPG Revisions document to review a summary of updates.


Mission Partner Training Program

The objective of the Mission Partner Training Program is to provide training and education opportunities for mission partners in all areas associated with enterprise connections such as PPSM, DSAWG, and Connection Approval. By providing 24/7 user-accessible computer-based trainings (CBTs) and DCS-hosted Training + Q&A sessions on the training topics, mission partners are provided with the policy and process information needed to reduce or eliminate processing delays caused by inaccurate or incomplete information.