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Cyber Awareness Challenge 2019 Cover 
Cyber Awareness Challenge 2019
Date 11/18
Cyber Awareness Challenge is developed by the Defense Information Systems Agency for the DoD Chief Information Officer. Content is based on input from the Workforce Improvement Program Advisory Council. DoD and other agencies use this course to satisfy mandatory training. It addresses DoD 8570.01M Information Assurance Workforce Improvement Program (WIP), 10 November 2015, incorporating Change 4; Office of Management and Budget Circular NO. A-130; and the Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA) 2014. This version offers a completely new look and feel. It starts with a message from the future describing serious vulnerabilities resulting from decisions in the present. The learner is asked to help prevent these incidents by making proper cybersecurity decisions about events from the evidence provided. Through this process, the user learns proper cybersecurity practices. Users will be given the opportunity to answer questions to determine whether they need the Intelligence Community (IC) lessons and if they want to take the knowledge check track. The knowledge check option allows users to answer random questions before each lesson, based on content from the 2018 version. If all questions are answered correctly, that lesson can be bypassed and the user will be allowed to move to the next lesson. There is also a Facilitator Guide and Briefing designed for group presentations where taking the online course is not feasible due to technical constraints. (Individual organizational leadership will determine if this option is used). Click the “Content Delivery Options” link below for additional information.(Length – Approximately 1 hr 15 min)
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DoD Mobile Devices Cover  
​DoD Mobile Devices
Ver 1.1, Jul 2017
Content Date 05/17

In this presentation, Department of Defense (DoD) mobile device users will learn about significant security issues and vulnerabilities associated with unclassified mobile devices. The training begins by reminding DoD users that these devices are provided solely to support mission accomplishment and not for a user’s personal convenience. DoD users are cautioned that, as a user of a government-provided or government-authorized mobile device, they have responsibilities to help ensure the security of DoD devices. After reviewing the vulnerabilities of mobile devices and who is vulnerable, users are informed on how to protect against loss or theft, against compromise, and against malware. The training covers use of DoD mobile devices around classified information, as well as use of messaging services, use of wireless features, and other special considerations in DoD mobile device use. This training also defines removable storage media with associated vulnerabilities and limitations on use of removable media. Finally, DoD mobile device users are provided guidance on what to do if their DoD mobile device is lost, stolen, or compromised. (Length - 1 hr)

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Social Networking Cover  
​Social Networking
Ver 2.1, Jul 2017
Content Date 02/17

This interactive presentation provides an introduction to social networking for Department of Defense (DoD) information system users. The presentation acknowledges the positive aspects of social networking, but also familiarizes users with some of the risks associated with social networking services, especially as military, civilian, or contractor members of the DoD. Particular emphasis is placed on the guidance for and limitations on personal use of social networking on DoD information systems. Practical experience is used to assist users with making informed choices on issues encountered when creating an online profile on a fictional social networking service. This training concludes with a brief summary of the dos and don'ts of social networking for DoD members, particularly when using government computers. The information in this product can also benefit user's friends and family members. (Length - 30 min)

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Using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Cover  
​Using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
Date 12/09 - Ver 1.0

This training presents separate PKI Overview and Using PKI Certificates courses, each with its own course completion certificate.

Upon completing the PKI Overview course, Department of Defense (DoD) information systems users will be able to identify what PKI is and why it is important to the DoD, as well as which pieces of Congressional legislation, Federal policy, and DoD guidance mandate the use of PKI. This presentation identifies the different components of PKI and how they are implemented in the DoD. Details discussed include systems, software, PKI credentials, certificates, and keys. DoD users will learn how to use PKI to log on to unclassified DoD networks and access DoD information systems, applications, and websites; as well as how to use PKI to send and receive e-mails securely. Users will understand what the Common Access Card (CAC) is, why they use it, and how and when to obtain or return a CAC. DoD users will be informed on what system elements are needed to use their CAC, to include what a CAC personal identification (PIN) number is and what to do if they forget their CAC PIN. (Length - 1 hr)

When DoD information system users have completed the Using PKI Certificates course, they will understand how to safely and securely authenticate their identity to access DoD unclassified networks using the PKI certificates contained on their Common Access Card or Alternate Token. DoD users will also learn how to use their PKI certificates to authenticate their identity to DoD systems, applications, and restricted web sites. In addition, DoD users will know how to validate digital signatures, as well as how to send and receive e-mail securely using their PKI certificates to encrypt the e-mail, when necessary. Finally, they will be able to identify how to read an e-mail that was encrypted using expired certificates taken from a previous CAC. (Length - 1 hrs)
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​Phishing Awareness
Ver 4, Sept 2018

This training was created to enable users to recognize phishing, spear phishing, and whaling attempts, determine the steps to take when targeted in a phishing attempt, and to take appropriate actions to avoid the potential losses that these social engineering scams can cause. The user is provided with examples of different types of phishing, as well as techniques used to conduct phishing, including deceptive e-mails, websites, and browser “tab nabbing”. Finally, the course reviews ways to combat phishing attempts, even from people within their own organization. (Length - 30 Min)

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​Personally Identifiable Information (PII)  
​Identifying and Safeguarding Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
Date Nov 2018 – Ver 3.0

This course is designed to prepare DoD and other Federal employees to recognize the importance of personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI), a significant subset of PII; to identify what PII is; and to understand the importance of protecting PII. The Federal government requires the collection and maintenance of PII to govern efficiently. However, because PII is sensitive, the government must take care to protect PII, as the unauthorized release or abuse of PII could result in potentially grave repercussions for the individual whose PII has been compromised, as well as for the federal entity entrusted with safeguarding the PII. This course explains the responsibilities for safeguarding PII and PHI on both the organizational and individual levels, examines the authorized and unauthorized use and disclosure of PII and PHI, and the organizational and individual penalties for not complying with the policies governing PII and PHI maintenance and protection. This training is intended for DoD civilians, military members, and contractors using DoD information systems. This course may also be used by other Federal Agencies. (Length - 1 hr)
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