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Please see for updates to PKI/E content until the DoD Cyber Exchange goes live.

Date 03/10 – Ver 2.0

CyberProtect is a web-based, interactive computer network defensive exercise with a video game look and feel. It is intended to familiarize players with information assurance security terminology, concepts, and policy. Players learn about defensive security tools, which must be judiciously deployed on a simulated network. The player then faces a spectrum of security threats and must make practical decisions for allocating resources (in quarterly increments) using the elements of risk analysis and risk management. Play is divided into four sessions (simulating quarters of a fiscal year). After each session, players receive feedback on how well they are doing. At the end of the last session, players are given a report detailing their cumulative operational readiness rating. The report also details every attack by type, origin, and effectiveness of defensive tools. (Length - 2 hrs)
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