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Cybersecurity Online Training
DoD Authorizing Official (AO) Course Release Announcement
DoD Authorizing Official (AO) Course Release The position of the DoD Authorizing Official (AO) has replaced the previous position Designated Accrediting Authority (DAA). DISA's DoD Cybersecurity Training Branch is announcing completion of web-based training (WBT) for DoD AOs to replace the previous mandatory WBT training for DAAs, which should now no longer be used to satisfy AO training requirements. Launch Training
Cyberspace Defense training, version 1.0
Cyberspace Defense training (*DoD PKI Cert Required) Cyberspace Defense training is now available for PKI-credentialed users. This training replaces the previous Computer Network Defense (CND) December 2006 training. Launch Training *PKI
Cyber Awareness Challenge 2018
Cyber Awareness Challenge 2018 is now available. This training replaces the previous Cyber Awareness Challenge version 4.0 dated October 2016. Training certificates are now downloaded, rather than requiring a printer. Launch Training
Mission Assurance for Senior Leaders, version 1.0
Mission Assurance for Senior Leaders, version 1.0 Critical issue (insider threat, spillage, and "whaling") cybersecurity training for senior DoD leaders, supplementing required authorized user annual awareness training, is now available online, listed below in the "Cybersecurity Training for Senior Leaders" section. Launch Training
Please visit the Online Training Catalog page to see our entire training products list, to launch the training, and to order the products on CD-ROM. This area contains Cybersecurity Awareness Training, Cybersecurity Training for IT Managers, Cybersecurity Training for Cybersecurity Professionals, Cybersecurity Technical Training, NetOps Training, Cyber Law Awareness, and Cyber Tools Training available online.

 Top Online Trainings!

DoD Authorizing Official (AO) Course Release Cover
DoD Authorizing Official (AO)

Version 1.1​
March 2018

Content date June 2015
DoD Mobile Devices Course Release Cover
DoD Mobile Devices

Version 1.1​
July 2017
Social Networking 2.1 Training Cover
Social Networking

Version 2.1
Jul 2017
Phishing Awareness Cover
Phishing Awareness

Version 3.1
Jul 2017

Content Date March 2012
Using Public Key Infrastructure Training Cover
Using Public Key Infrastructure

Version 1.0
December 2009