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Mobile Devices (legacy)

*PKI = DoD PKI Certificate Required

Welcome to the DoD PKE mobile devices page. This page contains general information on mobile devices in use in the DoD, their PKI capabilities and usage best practices. For information on a specific type of device (e.g. BlackBerry, Android, iOS), click on the appropriate link below. Information on use of Derived Credentials is available on the Purebred page.

Commercial Mobile Devices PKI Capabilities Assessment *PKI
This document provides an overview of observed PKI capabilities on BlackBerry, iOS and Android mobile platforms as of June 2011, addressing support for authentication and Secure/Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) capabilities. Configurability of PKI-related functions is also discussed. (PDF Download) Date: 10/12/2012 | Size: 347 KB
DoD CIO memo providing DoD CMD Interim Policy
This January 2012 DoD CIO memo defines interim policy and establishes responsibilities to increase mission capabilities of CMDs while adhering to DoD security policies. Attachment 1 addresses configuring optimal security settings in the BlackBerry STIG to improve user acceptance and functionality. Attachment 2 discusses requirements for the use of non-enterprise activated CMDs. Attachment 3 outlines interim steps to support CMD applications in the DoD.
DoD CIO memo regarding Use of Commercial Mobile Devices (CMD) in the DoD
This April 2011 DoD CIO memo emphasizes the importance of adhering to existing security policies for the use of commercial mobile devices in the DoD, outlines current challenges and provides requirements and potential mitigations for limited use pilots and mission-critical applications of devices that do not currently have approved Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs).
Secure Email in DoD *PKI
This slick sheet provides an overview of how and when to use PKI capabilities (digital signature and encryption) for email. (PDF Download) Date: 03/15/2013 | Size: 312 KB