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IASE content is currently preparing to migrate to the DoD Cyber Exchange.
Please see for updates to PKI/E content until the DoD Cyber Exchange goes live.


*PKI = DoD PKI Certificate Required


DoD PKI Basic Overview v5.5 *PKI
This training module provides an overview of basic PKI concepts and the DoD PKI.

DoD PKI End User Training
This training presents separate PKI Overview and Using PKI Certificates courses, each with its own course completion certificate. Upon completing the PKI Overview course, Department of Defense (DoD) information systems users will be able to identify what PKI is and why it is important to the DoD, as well as which pieces of Congressional legislation, Federal policy, and DoD guidance mandate the use of PKI. This presentation identifies the different components of PKI and how they are implemented in the DoD. When DoD information system users have completed the Using PKI Certificates course, they will understand how to safely and securely authenticate their identity to access DoD unclassified networks using the PKI certificates contained on their Common Access Card or Alternate Token. (Link)

Non Person Entity (NPE) RA and Sponsor Overview Training *PKI
NPE training provides a system overview for Registration Authorities (RA) and PKI Sponsors (all other users) on provisioning device certificates. Upon completing the NPE Overview course, Department of Defense (DOD) information systems users will be able to request certificates for devices. RAs will have the ability to approve device certificates and approve users for automatic device approval.

PKI Sponsor Training provides an overview on certificate application submissions via Web, Bulk or Protocol based enrollment. The course will identify the differences between registered and non-registered PKI Sponsors. Additionally the course will provide an introduction to user management, search, and certificate application management.

RA Training will cover all concepts of PKI Sponsor training, as well as, functions specifically related to an RA, including additional Search, PKI Sponsor Registration Management, and Certificate Application Management.

Token Management System (TMS) Training *PKI
This training is for TMS users who want information on how to use the TMS Release 5/6. These topics include Inventory, Group Update, Rekey, and Advance Reporting System