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IASE content is currently preparing to migrate to the DoD Cyber Exchange.
Please see for updates to PKI/E content until the DoD Cyber Exchange goes live.

Cybersecurity Tools
Tools POC's

Army - (703) 602-7420 DSN 332
Navy - (619) 553-2745 DSN 553
Air Force - (618)-229-6976 DSN 779
Marines - (703) 432-1134 DSN 378
Combatant Commands/DISA/Agencies -

DISA Tools Mission Statement To manage the acquisition, development, and integration of Cybersecurity Tools and Methods for securing the Defense Information Infrastructure. To provide Cybersecurity tools to CINC, Service and Agency war fighters for assessing and maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information systems comprising of the DII.

  • Coordinate the acquisition of Cybersecurity capabilities with the CINCs, Services, and Agencies.
  • Acquire, evaluate, and ensure availability of Cybersecurity tools and methods to support secure system development, integration and war fighter operations.
  • Provide tools, services and collaborative work environment to support certification, compliance validation, connection approval process, and development of countermeasures and assessment strategies for newly discovered vulnerabilities.
  • Manage and coordinate studies, analyses, and evaluations to focus acquisition strategies on COE compliant Cybersecurity tools and methods and avoid duplication of effort.
For HBSS and SCCVI Tools support, Please contact the OKC Help Desk:

Comm: (405) 739-5600, DSN 339
Toll Free: 800-490-1643

All other Cybersecurity Tool help desk numbers are displayed in the sublinks of the individual tool areas. Please refer to that area for the specific contact information.